[Ent] Bobrisky Says He’s Gay And We Are Wondering ‘How?’



[Ent] Bobrisky Says He’s Gay And We Are Wondering ‘How?’

Bobrisky could be ‘straight’, ‘gay’ or ‘bi’ but here and here, we caught him claiming to be gay and that’s what answers it.

That’s exactly the answer to the unending search on social networks and the question that pops up during the oddest conversations on controversial Nigerian celebrities; “What is Bobrisky’s Sexuality?”.

Bobrisky was questioned about his sexuality when he posted a condolence message to a Black gay that man was attacked for existing in both of these identities, Black and Gay.

See the conversation below;

[Ent] Bobrisky Says He’s Gay And We Are Wondering ‘How?’

[Ent] Bobrisky Says He’s Gay And We Are Wondering ‘How?’

In related news, Empire actor Jussie Smollett was hospitalized after allegedly being assaulted in Chicago by two individuals who also tied a noose around his neck, and who poured an unknown chemical substance on him. The unidentified culprits appear to be Trump supporters who, according to TMZ, yelled at Smollett, “This is MAGA country,” along with hurling racist and homophobic slurs.

A Chicago Police spokesperson told The Daily Beast that the attackers’ genders were unknown (TMZ reported it was two men), and that their faces and hands had been covered. The police spokesperson said it was unknown if, as TMZ reported, they had been wearing ski masks. “There is no report of that being said,” a Chicago Police spokesperson told The Daily Beast of the allegedly shouted, “This is MAGA country.”

Later, it was revealed that in a supplemental interview Smollett had told cops that his attackers had shouted, “MAGA country.”

The Daily Beast has reached out to Smollett for comment via his representatives.

Regardless of the details surrounding whether or not these attackers are Trump supporters are not, we do know that six days prior to Smollett’s assault—the Empire actor, whose character is one of the most impressively-written black LGBT characters on television—received hate mail sent to Fox Studios in Chicago that threatened, “You will die black f**.”

It shouldn’t be a coincidence that such bigotry escalated from written hate mail to physical violence. History often showed us during the Jim Crow era of the 20th century that discriminatory laws led to lynchings and other legalized acts of white supremacy. What happened to Smollett was a form of white terrorism that targeted both his racial identity and sexual orientation simultaneously.

People on social media have also been trying to inform others to stop trying to defining this matter as solely being racist and/or homophobic, but to consider the intersections of both:

But despite these recent calls for intersectionality, America strives to enforce these binaries that are proving to be more toxic than helpful.

As of the publishing of this op-ed, television celebrity Ellen DeGeneres has still remained silent on Smollett’s attack.

It should be noted that the Empire star made his first-ever public coming out announcement while on her hit show in 2015.

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